What is the Sir Charles Bell Society?

The aim of the Sir Charles Society is to foster inter-disciplinary collaboration and promote best practice to advance the care of patients with facial nerve problems. Disorders of the facial nerve are extremely complex and can seriously decrease quality of life in many patients. Historically, different disciplines (e.g. ENT, plastic and neurosurgeons, physiotherapists, neurologists, psychologists) are involved in the diagnosis and therapeutic management of patients suffering from facial nerve disorders. It is imperative that all these medical disciplines, working together, combine their unique talents to achieve the best outcome for affected patients.

The Sir Charles Bell Society (SCBS) is a non-profit multidisciplinary medical organization founded in 1992 in Cologne. The intent of the SCBS is to concentrate knowledge and to present a platform of exchange for all people and professions dealing with facial nerve problems. It is dedicated to the collection, dissemination, and the interchange of ideas relating to the facial nerve, thus furthering cooperation and encouraging global friendship to improve the quality of care deliver to facial palsy patients. We are trying to achieve consensus regarding data collection to improve our ability as clinicians to compare treatments and assist us to determine standards of care.

The organization of a quadrennial International Symposium (next to be held in 2021 in Seoul, South Korea) has become a major tool towards this goal. However, the maintenance of a website has become a critical instrument as well. If you, as a clinician, are interested in one or all of these matters, please join the SCBS (click banner). Your membership will be instrumental in enhancing the international community of dedicated practitioners and furthering the ongoing advancement in the treatment of facial nerve disorders!

Executive Committee

Dr. Tessa Hadlock (USA), President
Dr Alison Snyder-Warwick (USA), Secretary
Prof. Javier Gavilan (ES), Assessor
Dr Koen Ingels (NL), Treasurer
Dr. William Slattery III (USA), Member-at-Large
Dr Adel Y Fattah (UK), Webmaster

Members of the corneal neurotisation session at the 13th International meeting: Leahthan Domeshek, MD (Washington University), Ilya Leyngold, MD (Duke University), Andrea Lora Kossler, MD (Stanford), Alison Snyder-Warwick MD (St Louis), Joseph Dayan, MD (Memorial Sloan Kettering), Elizabeth Bradley, MD (Mayo Clinic), Asim Ali, MD (SickKids), Greg Borschel, MD (SickKids)