Two patients have presented in our clinic with bilateral facial paralysis following diagnosis of COVID-19. One was a 34-yo female, the other was a 44-yo male. The female’s right side resolved in 4 months, to H-B II, but the left has persisted at level III with synkinesis and it has been 7 months. The male resolved to what he reported was normal on the right in 2 months but the left has persisted at H-B IV for 4 months. I have also seen 6 other patients post COVID-19 (age ranges from 19-54) with unilateral paralysis with slow progress. Four have experienced persistent trigeminal facial pain and 3 have continued to have other neurological symptoms from associated encephalitis. Patients have tolerated facial nerve rehab well. I am interested in what has been the experience of others with the treatment of patients with post COVID facial nerve dysfunction. THANK YOU.