Electro-stimulation versus facial therapy alone for management of facial palsy.

A recent update to the Cochrane review{Teixeira:2011hm} concluded: “there is insufficient evidence to decide whether electrical stimulation works, to identify risks of these treatments or to assess whether the addition of acupuncture to facial exercises or other physical therapy could produce improvement. In conclusion, tailored facial exercises can help to improve facial function, mainly for people with moderate paralysis and chronic cases, and early facial exercise may reduce recovery time and long term paralysis in acute cases, but the evidence for this is of poor quality. More trials are needed to assess the effects of facial exercises and any risks.”

What is your experience? This review only evaluated therapy for Bell Palsy; do you have different outcomes in other groups? As a society we all know that facial therapy plays a pivotal role in our rehabilitation of patients as we as before and after surgery for reanimation. So why are there so few trials that are considered good enough to be part of this meta-analysis? Do you want to collaborate to establish a trial – discuss the methodology here. Please contribute on this blog post: over 200 members are interested in your viewpoint!