I have 2 cases of delayed facial paralysis post irradiation: First case is a 61 yo gentleman with AN that was irradiated in January of 2019, with total facial paralysis in July 2019, with some recovery beginning in October 2019. He is currently at H-B Scale III, with moderate orbicularis oris/oculi synkinesis. He is progressing with neuromuscular facial therapy and botox for synkinesis, but seems to have plateaued.
Case Two: 50 yo lady with meningioma that was irradiated in July of 2019 and had facial paralysis in November 2019 that resolved by the end of December 2019 and recurred mid- January to total paralysis.
I would appreciate feedback from others who have seen patients with post radiation delayed facial paralysis. I have treated numerous patients that have experienced this and wanted to know if and when facial re-animation surgery is indicated, or any other treatments anyone has used that was beneficial. Thank you. Gaye Cronin