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The Sir Charles Bell Society is the professional society for all healthcare professionals interested in the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of disorders of the facial nerve. Established as a non-profit organization in Cologne in 1992 by a group of dedicated individuals it has now grown into an international body with hundreds of members sharing ideas and information. Our Board of Directors encompasses professionals from every corner of the globe and every specialism related to facial nerve. The Society is dedicated to the collection, dissemination and exchange of ideas relating to disorders of the facial nerve to further global cooperation and friendships.

Working across disciplines has always been the way major advances in healthcare have been achieved. By encouraging multi-disciplinary interactions, we hope to achieve similar breakthroughs in the management of facial nerve conditions. A major instrument in achieving such collaboration is through the quadrennial conference, last held during August 2017 in Hollywood, where over 500 delegates interacted in plenary sessions, specialty-focused sessions and small group practical workshops. The next conference is due to be held in Seoul, 2021. Have a look at our “about” pages to see how your society is organized.

Our website is another channel for communication. By becoming a member you will be able to access the restricted areas of the website to interact with like-minded colleagues regarding blog topics and discuss (anonymous) difficult cases; download monthly literature summaries and access software to help you in your practice. In addition, you will be eligible for reduced rates for the quadrennial congress and voting privileges at the Members Meeting in 2021.

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SCBS offers a free membership for Trainees!

The SCBS Trainee membership category was created in 2022 by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Please use the form link below to apply for SCBS Trainee membership, and note you will be required to provide a letter from the Program Director confirming good standing.  Trainee membership will co-terminate with the residency/training program, at which time the Trainee member will be notified to apply for full membership.

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Please contact Ashley Eikenberry with any questions. 

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